Friends of Captain Stacey

October 2, 2007

We both took Sea Dog Sailing’s live-aboard course with Captain Stacey over five years ago now.   The laid back yet professional approach was the perfect fit for us! Sea Dog Sailing managed to meet everyone’s individual needs while showing us all the orchestration of sailing techniques and most importantly, the art of being prepared which makes for safe and smooth sailing! After 5 years of preparation we are now finally off to go cruising for a few years! We have Sea Dog Sailing and Captain Stacey to thank for giving us both the confidence and competence to live our dream!

Many Thanks, Dave and Aimee Harner
S/V Crow’s Nest 

YOU ROCK SISTA!!! Just getting back to work and digging out of email hell, we had an amazing time and thank you for your generosity and just overall being FABULOUS Captain and friend. Had so much fun with you and can’t believe it was a week ago that we were sailing through the Aeolian Triangle! Take care!
Megan and Paul Maharry
Atlanta, GA
Wow Stacey - you are making me tear up! But in a good way. It was really a great trip on all fronts and I was totally recharged by the end. As always the thanks is to you for making everything come together with the grace and poise that I have come to know so well. Can't wait to toast to you at the Warming Hut.
Love Mark

Mark Lacey
Washinngton, DC
May 2011
Hey Capt Stacey,
I just returned from sailing the BVI. Was my first experience with a catamaran. The space on the cat was very comfortable but it was more difficult to sail and not nearly as much fun as a mono. Thanks again for the training, its paying big dividends. Will be in touch!
Best, John
John Gaither, Chatanooga, TN

April 2011
Stacey, it was nice to meet you. I really had a wonderful time sailing with you and enjoying new adventures. Just getting back into home life!
Pat Black,
Atlanta, Georgia
April 2011
Thanks for a great trip Capt Stacey! Looking forward to more sailing!
Amy Huston
Nashville, TN
April 2011
Stace, Thanks for all the tender loving care you gave Pat and I last week. It was wonderful. Nice sailing and wonderful places. You made Pat feel very welcome and safe; thanks again.
Love ya ..David
David Smith
Covington, GA

April 2011
Stacey! Thanks for your wealth of knowledge and sailing sailing with you! Looking forward to Italy!
Allison Beauvais,
Durgango, Colorado
January 2011
Thanks stace for another great trip! Why do i live in dallas? Johnny Mac is hooked too! Love ya, Brooks
Brooks Tolman,
Dallas, TX
November 2010
Hi Stace.
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the sailing got to meet you all and have fun! Hope we can meet up when you're next down!
Thanks again
Lots of love
Lucy Renshaw, Cornwall, England

November 2010
Had an awesome tme, thank you! I'll get my pictures out the weekend. Posted them to FB...
Dang was it cold when we got home. Hope ur man had the house all toast when you got home.
Take are and happy holidays.
Jack (Brad) & Lisa Akiyama
Boulder, Colorado

November 2010
Stace! I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous time I had on our trip!! You're a really terrific Captain, a great teacher and I feel uber lucky to have been part of such a wonderful week and fantastic crew!! I learned a ton and look forward to continuing my sailing education, and enjoying more sea adventures at home and with SeaDog. Oh, and I'm still smiling remembering those great one liners!!
Until our paths cross again...cheers!!
xxxoo Kath
Kathleen Panos, Toronto Canada
Tahiti Fantasy Sail 2010
Stacey and Mike - thank you for all the work you put into the trip. I now have a new (huge) appreciation for all that sailing entails and the way you make it look so easy and effortless, major kudos. Thinking back on it, this was really my first vacation where, really, all I had to do was just to show up. You have sparked my interest in learning to sail - thank you, thank you, thank you!
Caitlin Kelly, Washington D.C.
Tahiti Fantasy Sail 2010
Stace and always another great trip; thanks so much and look forward to sailing with you both in Italy next year!
Harry Hoffman, Philadelphia, PA
May 2010 Womens Sail Trip
Thanks Stacey for such a fun time! We got to sail, relax, meet new people and have a great time just girls! Looking forward to our next sail trip in 2011 - thanks again!
Tara Brashear, Atlanta, GA
April 2010
Hi Capt Stacey!
Thanks again for the wonderful Sailing trip. Its been a long time since I enjoyed a trip with a great group of people like we had on Inn Harmony. You're a great Captain/Music Director/ Friend / Beautiful person......I will be putting together a group of friends for the spring to come back on another trip with ya. I will be emailing you as soon as I get it togeather and try to book it before the Fall. I hope your wedding plans are going well . What a lucky guy.
David Smith, Atlanta, GA
April 2010
Stace, great memories.......for you, anything...but not for the next seven years on renting my house in Saba. I've told the renters that I don't expect to return till then. But why don't you email the renters and ask them to put you on a list of possible sub-renters when they're off island. Connie, just so you know Captain Stacey is owner of and the person responsible for me venturing beyond Montana and learning to love the world.
Thanks Stace!
Emory Robotham, Montana

April 2010
Hi Stacey! I hope your sailing course went well last week - as well as ours. We had such a great time learning to sail, eating, visiting beautiful islands, more eating, swimming, eating. . . It was all wonderful! Again, thank you for being so patient with (especially me)since I was probably the one who had the most difficulty catching on. You have an open
invitation for Tahoe - don't forget.
Hope wedding plans are going well.
Susie Wilson, :-), Tahoe, Nevada

Hi Capt! Had such a great time!
Thanks so very much!
Barry Riddle, Montgomery, Alabama
March 2010
Hey Capt! We had such a great time in so many ways…enjoying the pristine beauty of the BVI, learning so much about sailing & skippering a boat, relishing in exercises of amazing teamwork, and having one day after another of laughter, fun, and new friendships! What a truckload of memories to savor. Thanks for everything, and stay in touch.
Love and hugs,
Paula Reynolds, Austin Texas

Hey Stacey your Texas crew got home safely. We spent two nights on Tortola before leaving. Still laughing and talking about how much fun we all had on the trip. Thanks again for your part in making it such a special week. I'll let you know when I've posted pics. Paula and I have gad-zillions x 2!
Tammy McPeters, Austin Texas
November 2009
Hi Capt Stacey,
Mia and I had a great time and are looking forward to seeing you again either flying or
sailing together on another trip you do. We are also talking about doing some sailing ourselves,
we just need more time to do it......Keep mia and me in mind for future trips. If you do any kind of email to
people please put us on your list. Talk to you soon and thanks so much. We had a great time with you and mike.
Ray and Mia Delong, Telluride, Colorado

Thanks for the kind note! I had so much fun and you were a big part of it.
I'm definitely looking forward to sailing with you on future learning adventures.
Talk to you soon. Cheers AJ. Telluride, Colorado

Stacey - amazing trip all the way around. You & Mike are true masters of your craft.
Expect to start hearing from Seattle recruits. I'm spreading the word.
I will send info about the wine cruise. Also look to hear from NJ captain Mark -
I sent him your info. Love you.
Leisa Ashbaugh, Seattle Washington

Hey Stace, I'm so jealous........ We are still remembering the great time we had
last year at this time. And we miss the early morning breakfasts that Captain Stacey
would make, not to mention the bloody's. Great captains. Great friends and great time.
Len Reid, Annapolis, MD
September 2009
I am pleased you enjoyed the food and from the feed back I got from your guests and crew, I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. I had a great time as well and especially enjoyed cooking for everyone. I hope to have an opportunity to sail and cook for you again. You are the best and it is always a privelage and honor (Not to mention a lot of fun!) to sail with you.
Doug Olsen,
Blue Ridge, GA
September 2009
Hey there Captain! Great to hear from you. Can't tell you how great it was to meet you, sail with you,
hang with you and watch the magical team of Stacey and Mike master the boat! Truly an enlightening experience! will see me again. I can guarantee that. Thanks for a wonderful trip!
Much Love....
Harry Hoffman, Philadelphia, PA
June 2009
Hey Stacey, Good to see you on facebook! I hope all is well with you. I have a boat now and I spent last winter cruising the Caribean. Thanks for getting me a good start. I would love to catch up sometime. Dan

Dan Fowler,
Dallas, Texas
April 2009
Thanks Stace !! It was great meeting you too. In addition to learning a ton, I had such a fun time hanging out, drinking,
talking, laughing etc. I will Definitely stay in touch.......... Anyways, I hope to have the pics uploaded and emailed out
to the group in the next day or two. Take care and thanks again for everything!!
Ken Bullock
Dallas, Texas
March 2009
Sorry it has taken me so long to write. First, I want to thank you for a great week. It exceeded all my expectations in every way........ I would be interested in the Greek trip and would happily crew for you if I meet your standards for a working crew member. Thanks........
Brooks Tolman,
Houston, Texas
February 2009
HI Captain Stacey:
Doubtful if you will remember me but I remember you, and very much enjoyed sailing with you in the British Virgin Islands in 2005. You actually got me started taking sailing lessons in my travels wherever the sailing is good (also bike and cook)....
I am applying for the position of 2nd Mate on your Greece Fantasy Sail in September, and would love to join your crew to sail in the Greek Cyclades.
Gordon Leggett,
Hey Stace,
Thanks for yet another great week in the BVI's. I learned a lot and feel much more comfortable about taking out my own bareboat. Good luck with the Amazing Race app. I will look forward to seeing you and Mike on TV next year.

John Gaither
Gibson Gaither Wealth MGT, LLC
December 2008
I can't believe its coming up on three years since I learned to sail with you! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still racing each summer in Chicago on a boat called Exeter, a Baltic 35. Attached is a picture from the 2008 Lutz Regatta in Chicago where we placed first in
our PHRF 4 section. the Sears Tower and Aon Building are in the background. My love of sailing started with your course. Thanks for
such a great experience!

Take care,
Josh Nutzman
April 2008
Nice to get your newsletter and see the new Sea Dog Sailing adventures. We read your receipe for 55 Knot Mussels and it brought back great memories of the trip to New Zealand. That meal we all shared while the winds howled and the boat swung was one of our most memorable EVER! We
compare every mussel we ever taste to those we had on the boat that night. Our sailing adventures continue as well. We have an Island Packet 420 at Burnt Store Marina on the West Coast of Florida....Maybe we will cross paths one day soon and we can furnish the mussels if you will make your fabulous sauce again!

Kathy Huff
March 2008
We have sailed several times with Capt Stacey but this was one of the best trips ever! The beauty of the BVI mixed with the excitement of the regatta was a trip we will always remember. The crew were also great by day 2 seemed like we had been friends for years...thanks to you all for a great time!
Mike and Cindy Blanchard, Atlanta GA
February 2008
Hi all,
tks for your emails and the nice pics! We have returned safely to Germany and are trying to
recover....We've spent another 6 fantastic days discovering the Islands and had a good time
relaxing,...Tks again for sailing with us! It was a good crew and I'd sail with you any time
again... But never without my favourite skipper... ;-) Stacey!
Robert Fabian, Germany
February 2008
..thank you again too Stacey for a great
experience of learning balanced with some great R&R

Enrico, St. Thomas USVI
July 2007
Hello! Thanks again for the most amazing sailing, cultural and Mediterranean experience before and after
seeing America's Cup in Spain! I would sail with you anywhere Stace....thanks so much! Love, Bob
Bob Anderson, Atlanta, GA
Thanks Stace! April 2007
Thank you so much for teaching us the necessary skills that allowed us to have this amazing experience. We are so grateful for all of our memories! We already have our next trip planned. October 6th we will be back with friends! We can't wait. Melody and Tony Eads
Thanks again Stacey! March 2007
We really do love your teaching style (obviously thats why we keep coming back). You are always positive in all your directions even when we mess. It would seem hard for anyone else to be under the responsibility that you have
and to always have a "good job" response. Don't forget that this is something special that you have as both a talent and natural ability as well as a skill that you have honed over many years......thanks, Ed & Barbara Peiper, New York
Wow, Thanks for great trip! March 2007
Hi Capt Stace! Just wanted to say thanks again for a great trip!! It was a good time, despite the studying ( kidding, I learned and have gained the confidence I was looking for to take out the group of 30fters this summer). The sailing and wonderful weather made up for it! The company was good and you make a great instructor! Susan Brajokovic, Chicago

Thanks Stace! November 2006
“Thank you Captain Stacey! A grand sail and I never imagined I’d learn SO much. My husband is bragging to all of his friends. You’ve opened up a magical door for us. It’s easy to see, without too much stretching of the imagination, that the sailors of our past have defined our present.”

Alissa and Michael Imming
October 2006 CROATIA Thanks Stacey and Louize
Dear Stacey and Louize,

Many thanks to you, Stacey, and to Louize for being the best captain and first mate anyone could ever have. I listened and learned. I think we all did. And we played together!

Thanks! We Sail on!
Susan Hunter, 2006 Croatia
October 2006 Mike Green Sailing World Update; Landed Africa
October 6, 2006

Hey Stace
I wanted to send you a special thank you.
I wanted to let you know that there has not been a day over the past ten weeks that i have not used a technique or ran a routine or tied a knot
that i did not learn on your boat. I really appreciate everything you have taught me, the experiences you have shared, and the opportunities you have given me. They have enabled me to get here safely and i think that is important because anyone can push off from the dock, many people do, but its important to be able to get where you are going safely and if i never learn another thing about sailing i have already learned more from you than some sailors will ever know........thank you, Mike
Wow, Thanks! June 2006
Captain Stacey,
Thank you so much for teaching me how to sail. I enjoyed it so much that I'm trying to organize a sailing trip with my family. I am really glad I came and learned to sail from Seadog sailing. It was amazing!
- Jack Byers, Wakefield School Virginia

June 2006 Wow! THANKS!
Captain Stacey & Captain Tim
I wanted to send you a note to express my appreciation for all you did for our group. Most sailing schools only accept adults. You did more than accept us; you embraced us all as well as doing what it would take to create a positive learning experience for teenagers. It is important to me to express this to both of you, because teaching our youth something positive is the ultimate expression of giving.......

I hope to see you both again soon!
Kevin Cole, Chaperone, Wakefield School
Captain Stacey and Tim-
Thank you very much for your efforts and organization! The trip turned out to be a most unforgettable experience for the kids and for myself and Kevin. We all learned a tremendous amount and had great fun on the sea, on their boat, and in the Caribbean.

Sea Dog sailing proved to be a top-rate organization.

Expect letters from us soon!

Seth, Youth Director Wakefield School, Virginia
Hi Captain Stacey! MAY 2006
We just wanted to say we really enjoyed
our week living aboard Champagne Lady with you. You were a great instructor and we appreciate your dedication!

A big texas style thank you,
Allison, JB and Jesse
Thanks for a wonderful trip this week. Along with being impressed with your sailing skills (which I was aware of ahead of time), I was equally impressed with your handling of the many different personalities that made up your crew.
Conclusion: A successful (and intrepid in a good way) trip.
Hope to see you sooner than later,


Dear Stacey,
Thanks for your gentle teaching and expertise this March. I have already spoken to Tom from our trip and we are interested in booking a cruise with you again next year. Thanks again, Ed and Barbara Pieper
From Steve D. BVI Trip November 2005
Hi Stacey
I wanted to write to say thank you for the fun trip last week. There were so many positive things to be grateful for:

A great sailing boat that was well rigged and organized
Great wind and good weather
Beautiful location – I was dazzled by the islands, the water and the scenery
Good sailing partners – I really enjoyed everyone and felt like we had a strong bonding experience throughout the week
Great restaurants, good food and fun places to visit
Good snorkeling and swimming
Good learning experiences

The list just keeps going on. You were a great host and coach for a week. I know it must have been tough to work with people who have widely differing skill levels throughout the week – especially when the wind was blowing so hard.

Thanks for being such a good host, friend and coach – and for getting us back to port safely and in one piece.

Best wishes,
Steve D
From Deb A. GREECE August 2005:
Stacey and Louize:

I just want say it was a wonderful trip in Greece this year, and thanks to both of you and all the hard work and expertise you brought to the trip, plus so much fun as well: thanks for keeping us safe and happy. It was a terrific adventure!!! Best to each of you in 2006!
Barefoot Blue Water Sail June 2005
I'm sailing in NC still. Have fun though. Today I showed two middle schoolers how to do man overboard drills. I learned from the best V

OVERHEARD ONBOARD!! Corsica Fantasy Sail 2005 Greece Fantasy Sail 2005
“Did I learn something?—Yeah! About every two hours!”(36-48kn winds, gusting to 50) “You two are so calm.”

“I would sail anywhere in the world with Stacey.” (as Captain)

“I did not know what to expect (never having been on a sailboat before), but I feel that I am in capable hands.”

“You all know so much. It is awesome.”

(After beating 5 hours through 45kn with 6’-8’ spraying seas) “ I took off my sailing shorts and set them on the shelf. They stood up by themselves like a sculpture, they were so full of salt.”

“ I never realized how different sailing the Med is.”

“I came along as a non-sailor, and I learned a lot in spite of myself.”

“You are wonderful women. ....And very tolerant, too!”
Sea Dog Sailing Crew Family Private Charter 2005 (Full Trip donated to the auction by Captain Stacey)
Dear Captain Stacey and first mate Louize,

Here are some of the pictures from the folks in Oklahoma. I've included the picture of the sunken treasure ($50) I found off Jost Van Dyke.
We had a great time and would much rather be sailing than in this Oklahoma heat. Hope all is well and we still wish Louize fixed us breakfast every morning. Don't forget to call us when you're in OKC.
Josh D
From Diane T. BVI 2005
Hi Crew of the Sea Dogs,

I too had a fantastic time and look forward to another voyage with the Sea Dogs. Thanks and let me hear from you. It is some kind of chilly in Colorado but the mountain is in full swing with
the snow sports. My tan is fading by the minute. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
From Pete and Karen BVI 2005
The weather, crew members, learn to sail and food were great!!! We are ready to go sailing again but just sailing no test etc., if you know what I mean. We had a great time!! Had to come back and recuperate for 2 days.

Pete H.

From Fran and Bob BVI 2005
I hope everything went well with the class following ours. It was rather difficult for us to get back into work after such a great BVI sailing trip with you. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Bob W
From John and Denise BVI 2005
"......I checked AccuWeather before leaving from home and they were calling for a week of rain. We ended up having great weather with a small shower every night and a 5 minute shower on our last day. We had a good mix of people. The personalities were very different but it all mixed well. We enjoyed the sailing and living on the boat. I'd like to go back and do it again in February or March.

Thanks for everything!"


John W. B. BVI 2005
Thanks for a great week.
Denise and I enjoyed meeting all of you and we had a great time. Everybody brought something special to the group. We really made a great team!
John & Denise
Sea Dog Sailing Crew Advanced BVI/USVI Course February 2004
Stacey & Glen:
Charles and I had a wonderful time on our latest adventure with you. I can't imagine sailing with anyone else! We both appreciate your teaching skills and your amazing patience -- I fell in love with Helios and hope to have many more exciting times in the islands with you two and her -- Fair winds and let us know when you will be down island again. Thanks again for everything and we'll see you soon, I hope.
Kathy Kinser, Dallas Texas,May 2003

Sea Dog Sailing Crew Advanced BVI/USVI Course February 2004
Dear Stacey,
I called this morning to tell you what a wonderful time we had this past week. I told Glen that the adventure exceeded my greatest expectations! My congratulations to your Seadog partnership. We look forward to sailing with you in Greece in 2004--our wives have bought in... We'll dream about it.
We look forward to meeting you although I feel we already know you. Until we meet, Cheers,
Jim Sheppard, USA,February 2003
Sea Dog Sailing Crew Advanced BVI/USVI Course February 2004
Thanks for everything.... I feel like I learned so much! I have to say that I had a fantastic time. It sounds like we all did. It was great sailing with each and every one of you and l am looking forward to when our path will cross again.Ever since I got back to Dallas I can't help feeling home sick for the islands.Thanks!
Jack Wadleigh, Dallas Texas, June 2003