Adventure Sail

French New Caledonia 2022 - Sail the World’s Largest Lagoon

depart: Sat/ November 5, 2022
| return: Sat/ November 12, 2022

$2495 / price     $500 / deposit

What a trip! Thanks amazing friends and customers for making this trip truly OOOH LA LA! Despite challenging weather everyone came through with a terrrific attitude and we had alot of fun, soaked up French South Pacific culture, ate fine food and drank fine wine! Thanks to the Dreamyacht base I will miss you guys and chatting in French all day! Thanks to all of you! Merci Bien! Gros Bisous! 

Montenegro Sail the Adriatic 2023

depart: Sat/ September 23, 2023
| return: Sat/ September 30, 2023

$2195 / price     $500 / deposit

Come discover one of the world's best hidden gems for sailing, seafood, culture, wine, history and more! 

Lefkas & The Ionians- Greek Islands 2022

depart: Sat/ September 10, 2022
| return: Sat/ October 1, 2022

$2195 / price     $500 / deposit

Thanks to all three weeks of amazing customers! New friends, old friends and tons of laughs to last a lifetime!!! Love you all! Stacey

WEEK ONE: Spanish Balearics Mallorca & Menorca 2023

depart: Sat/ September 9, 2023
| return: Sat/ September 16, 2023

$2195 / price     $500 / deposit

Ahhhhh its back to Spain for us! We love the Balearic islands! We will depart from Mallorca and sail to Menorca! Dont forget to add  a stop in Barcelona for your trip! Reach out to Stacey for more details!!! Vaya a la playa!!!

Sail Fjords Norway 2023

depart: Fri/ August 18, 2023
| return: Fri/ September 1, 2023

$2195 / price     $500 / deposit

And now for something completely different.......we are heading north to the breathtaking Fjords of Norway to sail and experience a completley new part of the world. Join us for long slow days of sailing beauty and adventure and evenings aboard cooking and enjoying the scenery. We are compiling details about this trip currently so please reach out to Stacey for more details. We only have 6 spots on this amazing journey.

WEEK TWO: Spanish Balearics Mediterranean Mallorca & Menorca 2023

depart: Sat/ September 16, 2023
| return: Sat/ September 23, 2023

$2195 / price     $500 / deposit

Its week number two for us in Spain.....week one has sold out so we have added a week! We have four spots left on this trip!

Reach out to Stacey for more details! 

Greece Ionians 2024

depart: Sat/ August 31, 2024
| return: Fri/ September 6, 2024

$2195 / price     $500 / deposit

We cant stay away.... come sail with us and find out why! We love you Greece! Contact Stacey for more details! 

La Rochelle France 2024

depart: Sat/ September 14, 2024
| return: Sat/ September 21, 2024

$2195 / price     $500 / deposit

Located on the Bay of Biscay, La Rochelle’s history mostly involved the sea; today it has a large pleasure-boat marina. Thus its heart is the picturesque "Vieux Port" ("Old Harbor"). The city retains a rich architectural heritage, and has an aquarium, attractive gardens and a natural-history museum. Come sail this gorgeous coast and enjoy the rich history, local cuisine and wine as well as seeing this incredible area from the sea and land. Call text or email Stacey for more details!

Sail Phuket Thailand 2024

depart: Sat/ April 13, 2024
| return: Sat/ April 20, 2024

$2195 / price     $500 / deposit

Having sailed Thailand in the southern part of the Gulf near Koh Chang.....we have decided to return and this time try the northern part of the Gulf of Thailand! Come to the gorgeous and well known party posh island of Phuket and lets sail all the islands around this area! Contact Stacey for more details. This trip is sold out but we will be adding weeks on the front or backend~~

Stacey and Allison are the ultimate sailing team! We first met in Croatia about 7 years ago and I have sailed with them maybe five times since! Including Cuba which was so different and so beautiful! Vijay Vikkani